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By Mano Marichal, Martin Proprentner, Nikolay Markozov and Ruxandra Diaconu

! Warning !

We noticed after printing that there are cards that have wrong costs/effect descriptions. We are going to change the downloadable printing templates for the whole deck in a couple days. So if you really want to print your own deck we advice to wait a bit longer. For a full list of the problems check end of description.

Game setup:

Shuffle all the cards, and deal each player 3 cards, and place the rest of the deck face down in the middle of all players. After cards have been dealt, reveal 5 cards and place them in a line next to the deck. These 5 cards are the shop that players buy new cards from. All players receive 12 coins. Select a starting player at random.

How to play the game:

Each player takes a turn in clockwise order. The game ends when there is only 1 player left or through specific cards. Players are immediately eliminated if they reach zero coins at any point during the game.

Playing a card:

When playing normal cards, their effect immediately takes effect, and the card is discarded after. However, some cards have passive in their effect description. When you play such a card, place it in front of you. Its effect remains in action as long as the card remains in front of a player.

The turn of a player:

  1. Resolve cards with the “At the start of your turn” keywords that are in front of the player.
  2. Next, the player plays a card from their hand, if the player has no cards in their hand, they lose 3 coins, and then draw and immediately play the top card of the deck.
  3. After resolving the played card, the player may choose to buy up to 5 cards from the shop.
  4. Resolve the “At the end of turn” keywords of cards that are in front of the player.
  5. Now refill the shop, so there are 5 cards in the shop.

Buying cards from the shop:

You can buy up to 5 cards from the shop. The cost of a card is dependent on its rarity and is displayed in the top left corner. All bought cards are added to your hand. The max hand size is five, and excess cards are discarded. Hint: Careful overspending in the shop may lead to an early exit from the game!

  • Common Berts: 1 gold
  • Uncommon Berts: 2 gold
  • Rare Berts: 3 gold
  • Epic Berts: 4 gold
  • Legendary Berts: 5 gold
  • Special Berts: its a freebert :)

Layout of the cards:

In the top left corner of the cards you will find the cost of the card when you by it in the shop. If there is a P marked to the left of the cost the card is categorized as a passive card. Meaning it will have an effect that affect the game as long as it is placed in font of a player. Right below is the cards picture showing cute little GameBert. In the Box in the bottom half of the card you find the effect of the card when it is played.

Creators note:

The best way to win is to carefully consider what cards to buy from the shop. Make sure to always have some low cost cards to avoid losing precious cards to Sneaky or Sharkberts. Sometimes you want to buy that shiny legendary Bert, but at what cost?

Extra thanks.A HUGE thanks to Ruxi and Haruki Wen for drawing a lot of the cards!

Known Bugs and updates:

  • Coin Tokens will be added with the next update, for now we advice to use dice as a replacement
  • Game may still be a bit unbalanced.
  • Inconsistent card effect texts layouts.
  • Angrybert: Effect should say "in play" instead of "in front of you"
  • Evilbert: Costs should be 4 instead of 1
  • Santabert: Should not have the Passive tag
  • Santabert: Costs should be 0 instead of 5
  • Sadbert: Should not have the Passive tag
  • Sadbert: Costs should be 0 instead of 5
  • Marxbert: Is missing it's picture.
  • Lovebert: Is missing it's Passive tag

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AuthorsPrepe, NickNoobles, shano19, Ruxee
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Bertle Royale - The Card Game (PROTOTYPE CARDS).pdf 2 MB


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I had a lot of fun playing this at the gamejam. If I find some time after Christmas, I might even implement an online version of this using boardgame.io. I hope that's ok with you.

We actually discussed the possibility to make it a digital game in our group, but we wanted to first fix the printable version and update some cards. About the digital version i will send you a dm with a discord link so we can talk about it.